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Develop the Next Generation of Purpose-Driven Leaders

Verb is the talent development platform that combines online learning with real-world practice. We offer skill development, mentorship, continuous feedback loops, and social impact projects.

Verb helps companies strengthen and retain talent

Our talent development platform builds and sustains purpose-driven leaders who inspire and motivate others while driving results. At Verb, we believe the best leaders invest in improving themselves while learning to build and run high-performing teams. Verb utilizes microlearning, social learning, and gamification. Our unique combination of technology and engaging content makes Verb the platform your rising leaders want and need.

Skill Development | Verb Platform
Skill Development

On-demand, microlearning content makes skill building easy and effective.

Mentorship | Verb Platform

Scalable and structured mentorship allows you to provide measurable mentoring to more employees.

Continuous Feedback | Verb Platform
Continuous Feedback

Employees activate their own performance feedback loops with Verb’s easy to use tool to initiate peer, manager and self assessments.

Social Impact Projects | Verb Platform
Social Impact

Employees can volunteer to use their skills to collaborate on a project with a social enterprise or nonprofit.

“All of the learnings in the [Pitch Deck Impact Project] are applicable to any deck I’m creating for my job. I am going to bring ALL of the recommendations and points into my work – these insights will strengthen every project I work on. Thank you, this was great material!”

Client Quote | Verb Testimonials

Fossil | Verb Client LogoHollie Morgan
Director of Brand Communications
Participating Employee

“As the Learning & Development Manager for CMS Energy Corporation, I was looking for a solution for my team that could keep them engaged, deliver a shared experience, measure outcomes, and scale.”

Client Quote | Verb Testimonials

CMS | Verb Client LogoDennie Randall
L&D Manager

“We chose Verb as a partner because of their ability to scale globally. We wanted to engage as many MetLife employees as possible in furthering our mission of global financial inclusion. We are able to use Verb’s platform to drive social innovation through mentorship in multiple offices within 12 countries: Ireland, China, India, Mexico, Egypt, Lebanon and more.”

Client Quote | Verb Testimonials

MetLife Foundation | Verb Client LogoSarah Willis
Program Director

“I have always wanted to work for company whose values align with mine. Choosing Verb as an employee engagement platform says a lot about Box and how much I want to give to them. Most noteworthy, making a social impact is a core part of who Box is and what we do. It has 100% improved my image of Box and deepened my investment in the company.”

Client Quote | Verb Testimonials

Box | Verb Client LogoHunter Tanous
Inside Account Executive
Participating Employee

“The MetLife mentors got to see the passion and the innovation of the young entrepreneurs. I think that they will bring this back to MetLife and further fertilize the company’s ability to innovate.”

Client Quote | Verb Testimonials

MetLife Foundation | Verb Client LogoSue Yu
MetLife Human Resources

“I am genuinely grateful to Verb for connecting me to such a passionate and committed volunteer who really took our work and made it her own for the duration of our engagement. I walked away with a better pitch, and I am excited about it.”

Client Quote | Verb Testimonials

AbleThrive | Verb Client LogoBrittany Dejean
Social Entrepreneur/Founder of AbleThrive
Partnered with a NetSpend Employee

“I really like the website and the framework of what you are supposed to accomplish. It holds your hand and pushes you through, while asking you to think about all these different things. Everything is very well thought out.”

Client Quote | Verb Testimonials

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | Verb Client LogoJay Reyna
Participating Employee

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