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Box and Verb: Purpose-Driven Leaders Case Study //

Box and Verb: Empowering Purpose-Driven Leaders, a tech company based in San Francisco, recently faced a problem that many of our other customers also face. As a fast-growing company with a large population of millennial employees advancing in their careers, how might Box engage, develop, and retain their top talent? With over 70% of ‘connected’ millennials saying purpose is a primary reason for choosing an employer, and 87% saying that leadership and skill development is their top priority, it was clear that Box had an opportunity to offer both to their employees. By partnering with Verb, provided a cohort of their rising leaders with the opportunity to develop key leadership skills, while also creating a measurable social impact.

For six weeks, 20 Box employees from 3 different offices were paired with social entrepreneurs from across the globe to work together on a strategic planning exercise: creating a pitch deck for the entrepreneur’s venture. At the end of their first experience with Verb, Box employees had spent 120 hours with their entrepreneur partners, and gave the platform a 95% satisfaction rate.

“I have always wanted to work for company whose values align with mine. Choosing Verb as an employee engagement platform says a lot about Box and how much I want to give to them. Most noteworthy, making a social impact is a core part of who Box is and what we do. It has 100% improved my image of Box and deepened my investment in the company.”
– Hunter Tanous, Inside Account Executive at Box

“My social entrepreneur’s passion for her work is clear and is inspiring. We walked through what type of focus in this time would be most helpful for my partner over the next few weeks and developed a clear project plan and next step around how I can best help her organization, given the limited time and resources they have. My entrepreneur hopes these sessions will be a helpful way to knock out a much-needed project and brainstorm for better results.”
– Box Employee

With a specific focus on strategic planning, Box employees and their entrepreneurs had the opportunity to practice the following skills:

  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Strategic thinking
  • Empathy
  • Active listening and communication
  • Business modeling

Verb provides a cost-effective, scalable alternative to traditional leadership development opportunities, as well as analytics and metrics to track the progress of the employees on their journey.

Looking to develop purpose-driven leaders within your company? Learn more about Verb and how you can get started today.

Verb is a talent development platform that combines skill development with social impact opportunities.

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