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Make the Whole World See

In 2016 Verb joined forces with social innovation company Clearly to launch the Clearly Vision Prize. Its aim: accelerate innovation that brings vision-care solutions to the five billion people worldwide who suffer poor vision and lack access to treat it.

This global competition brought together inventors, entrepreneurs, health professionals, and tech innovators from 21 different countries to combat the world’s number one form of disability. It also awarded more than $250,000 in prizes for scalable solutions that continue to change the way the world addresses eye and vision care.

Entrepreneurship Meets Healthcare to Help Solve the World’s No. 1 Health Crisis

Verb recruited over 100 ventures from inside and outside the vision care industry as Clearly Vision Prize entrants, and forged new partnerships between Clearly and prominent detection, diagnostic, insights and supply organizations. The competition mobilized a wide variety of stakeholders including healthcare educators, investors and practitioners, and health innovation experts.

Verb is a talent development platform that combines skill development with social impact opportunities.

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