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Verb's Roots

From inside the walls of The University of Texas at Austin, Verb started as a simple business plan competition and has grown into a global platform committed to developing purpose-driven leaders.
2006 – 2013


Started as a business plan competition at UT in 2006, the Dell Social Innovation Challenge (DSIC) ran for 7 years and became one of the largest networks of university student innovators in the world. Dell’s $5M grant to the university, the biggest ever given by the tech giant’s CSR team, transformed the way competitors and Dell judges and mentors connected via technology. Hosting nearly 25,000 entrepreneurs from 100 countries, the DSIC platform laid the groundwork for the concepts that would become Verb.

2013 - 2016

Competition Focus

Recognizing the opportunity to work with more corporations in making global change, Verb spun out of the university in June 2013. During this time, Verb perfected a method of producing sponsored global innovation competitions. From 2013 to 2016, Verb ran nearly 20 competitions to accelerate the growth of social entrepreneurs while the brand’s employees developed business skills through mentoring entrepreneurs. Our mission to activate purpose-driven leaders by providing them with applied learning opportunities was born during this time.

2016 - Present

Verb Today

Verb took the employee mentorship element of the competitions and opened it up to more companies by creating an easy to use and innovative learning and development subscription product. It is the first global platform to combine leadership skills development with social impact through applied learning opportunities. Verb continues to serve both social entrepreneurs and employees by connecting them around causes they care about to develop and improve the skills they need to succeed.

The Woman Behind Our Mission


Suzi Sosa is always dreaming up ways to empower people by providing them with the tools they need to better themselves and the world. Over the past few years, Suzi has transformed Verb from a business plan competition to a global learning and development platform.

Prior to joining UT and creating Verb, Suzi was Chief of Staff at MPOWER Labs (now Rev Worldwide), a fintech venture fund and startup accelerator with the social mission to accelerate financial inclusion of underserved communities. Suzi co-founded several other Austin organizations, including Innovation+ (now SVP Austin) and Austin Women Entrepreneurs. She currently serves as a board member to the Texas Tribune, Mission Capital, and as the Co-Chair of the Mayor of Austin’s Council for Social Innovation.

Meet the Team

Verb is a collaborative team of individuals who believe people just need the tools and resources to improve themselves and the world.

Join Us

We are alway looking for more people to join the Verb family. If you consider yourself a self-starter and are always up for a challenge, we would love to meet you.