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We Understand Your Most Important Resource — Your People

Your employees expect development, leadership, purpose, mentorship and empowerment.

Exceed Expectations with Verb

Verb’s affordable monthly subscription model allows you to provide talent development that complements any existing programs you have. Verb focuses on essential skills like communication to help employees build new habits and become organizational leaders.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Verb provides your employees with an array of self-directed development options customized for each employee’s learning style and impact area.

Building Skills By Creating Habits

Verb’s curated collections allow employees to master skills through experiential learning activities. All of the activities have varying time commitments and provide actionable ways to incorporate new skills into the workplace. Each skill-focused collection is composed of four types of learning elements: Articles, Activities, Courses and Impact Projects.

Developing Leaders With Metrics To Prove It

Verb understands that you need to measure the effectiveness of your training and leadership programs. By using Verb, you can track skill progression and engagement for your teams from a real-time, customizable dashboard.

Verb’s analytics allow you to measure employee satisfaction rates, user activity levels, skills and habit development.

Discover What Verb Can Do For You

Facilitate positive skill and habit development.

“My experience helped develop my presentation skills and my confidence in leading projects.”

– MetLife Employee in Ireland

Increase employee engagement.

“I have always wanted to work for a company whose values align with mine. Choosing Verb says a lot about Box and how much I want to give to them….It has 100% improved my image of Box and deepened my investment in the company.”

– Hunter Tanous, Employee at Box

Provide purpose through partnership with social impact organizations.

“It was great to get to know [my entrepreneur] and how see how passionate he is about his company. It was also interesting to do it in a structured way, with the activities proposed.”

– Standard Chartered Employee

Foster an innovative culture through mentorship.

“The MetLife mentors got to see the passion and the innovation of the young entrepreneurs. I think that they will bring this back to MetLife and further fertilize the company’s ability to innovate.”

– Sue Yu, MetLife China Human Resources

Scale ongoing leadership training.

“We chose Verb as a partner because of their ability to scale globally…multiple offices within 10 countries: Ireland, China, India, Mexico, Egypt, Lebanon and more.”

– Sarah Willis, Program Director at MetLife Foundation, Administrator


Developing top talent does not have to break the bank.

If you are interested in having more than 250 employees on Verb, please contact us for discounted pricing.

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Give your employees the tools they desire to become leaders and create an engaged workforce.