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Empower Your Employees Through Leadership Development

Verb provides on-demand microlearning combined with feedback, mentorship, and social impact projects.

Engaging, Purpose-Driven Content

Verb’s bite-sized activities break down the skills employees need to learn and apply to become purpose-driven leaders. In just 15 minutes per day, employees develop the skills they need to drive results, cultivate high-performing teams, and foster collaboration.

Scalable Mentoring

Foster team-based learning and provide mentoring to your employees with Verb’s structured mentorship. Easily launch, track, and scale a company-wide mentorship program with Verb’s ready-made mentorship programs.

Peer & Manager Feedback Loops

Verb’s anonymous feedback feature lets employees self-assess and request feedback from peers and managers to understand their strengths and potential blind spots.

Social Impact from the Office

Verb gives you the opportunity to let employees give back and practice their new skills by working with social enterprises and nonprofits on specific projects.

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Discover What Verb Can Do For You

Provide skill development employees will use immediately.

“My experience helped develop my presentation skills and my confidence in leading projects.”

MetLife Employee, Ireland

Highly engaging content employees love.

Verb’s average content completion rate is 3x higher than industry averages.

Track mentorship engagement.

Scale ongoing leadership training and mentorship.

“We chose Verb as a partner because of their ability to scale globally…multiple offices within 10 countries: Ireland, China, India, Mexico, Egypt, Lebanon, and more.”

Sarah Willis, Program Director at MetLife Foundation, Administrator

Provide purpose through social impact projects.

“It was great to get to know [my entrepreneur] and how see how passionate he is about his company. It was also interesting to do it in a structured way, with the activities proposed.”

Standard Chartered Employee

Foster an innovative culture through partnership.

“The MetLife mentors got to see the passion and the innovation of the young entrepreneurs. I think that they will bring this back to MetLife and further fertilize the company’s ability to innovate.”

Sue Yu, MetLife China Human Resources

Track employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Give your employees the tools they desire to become leaders and create an engaged workforce.