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Sproutel: Tackling Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes //

Sproutel: Tackling Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes

Each year, over 15,000 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Verb venture Sproutel tackles the challenge of empowering these children to better understand and manage their illness with their first healthcare innovation; an electronic stuffed teddy bear named Jerry the Bear.

Creating a Prototype Bear

In 2011, Sproutel was granted a social innovation fellowship from Brown University, co-sponsored by Verb’s Dell Social Innovation Challenge. This experience helped the Sproutel team create a prototype for Jerry the Bear, and gave them the courage to kick off full-scale design and production efforts.



A Business Impacting Children’s Lives

Sproutel shares that Verb and the Dell Social Innovation Challenge gave them an incredible amount of value throughout their company’s life-cycle over the years. Today, Jerry the Bear impacts the lives of children by providing meaningful companionship and teaching them learning through a touchscreen display that helps them master how to count carbs, monitor their blood sugar levels and dose insulin.

Verb is a talent development platform that combines skill development with social impact opportunities.

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