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Uniting International Teams with Leadership Development

Verb helps Standard Chartered scale their leadership training across nine countries.

Standard Chartered strives to be the “world’s best international bank.” With offices spanning the globe in both developed and developing nations, over 80,000 employees of 130 nationalities and a brand promise to be “here for good,” Standard Chartered is invested in their employees as much as they are invested in their customers and clients.

Standard Chartered was seeking new ways to empower and develop more of their rising leaders regardless of their location. Verb offered a learning and development solution that allows employees to not only build leadership skills but also create social impact.

Verb provided leadership development via a partnership with social impact organizations (SIOs), organizations defined as nonprofits or for-profit businesses/entrepreneurs with a social impact focus. Verb partnered 32 Standard Chartered employees from 9 countries with 27 SIOs from 15 different countries. Teams of two or three worked together on Verb’s Strategic Pitch track.

The pitch deck experience is a six-week program in which the Standard Chartered employees help SIOs create or improve one of their most critical assets, a pitch deck. These decks are often used to secure more investment or broaden networks. Often times, non-profit leaders or entrepreneurs are so focused on running the day to day operations of their company that they lose sight on how to best communicate their mission and solution.

This is where the Standard Chartered employees come in.

“It was great to get to know [my entrepreneur] and see how passionate he is about his company. It was also interesting to do it in a structured way, with the activities proposed.”

Teams strengthen the pitch deck by completing exercises such as building personas, creating empathy maps, and futurecasting for a cover story of their entrepreneur. These activities allow employees to practice fundamental leadership skills: giving and receiving feedback, strategic thinking, empathy, active listening, clear communication and business modeling.

[What I enjoyed most was] getting to know more about the project. The [one minute] elevator pitch was interesting to me since I didn’t have the burden to come up with it just by myself. Providing feedback and suggestions on a short time-limited pitch was different from discussing the project generally.

Employees were able to practice these skills with a partner in real-life applications that truly benefited the SIOs. By the end of Standard Chartered employees’ first experience on Verb, they had spent 120 hours with their partners, and gave the platform a 95% satisfaction rate. Verb was able to provide scalable learning and development to an international team at a cost-effective rate of $8.50 per hour of learning.

Looking to scale your learning and development program while empowering your employees? Learn more about Verb and how you can get started today.

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